Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Winter Ensemble and a Sheep

I took a trip to Michael's on Friday and didn't purchase any yarn though I did buy two pairs of straight needles (Boye aluminums, sizes 13 and 15) to further round out the needle stash. There's a clearance sale at Stitch House that I haven't visited yet. I didn't go for a ride this weekend because there's something going on with the gear shift on my bike, which needs a tune-up anyway, but I didn't take it into the shop. No, I've stayed in, finished reading Hyperion by Dan Simmons, watched a couple episodes of Alias on DVD (in spite of my appreciation for JJ Abrams, it's just not doing it for me), drunk 3 cups of ginger tea, and finished Peep-Bo, the loop stitch sheep that saved me from brain death during the weeks of stockinette stitch required on the Snuggie Monster. Peep-Bo is both a matter of pride and some disappointment. In spite of following the pattern she didn't come out exactly like the one in the book, and she has some bald spots where the seams for the underbelly and main body meet. The only thing I can figure out is that instead of binding off after a k1 tbl row, I should have bound off after the loop stitch row. Still, Peep-Bo is awful cute. I'm feeling done with sheep though, so that alpaca will just have to wait quietly for a new inspiration.

This means I can also finally share the Winter Ensemble, as modelled by Nigel. Note the hat, the mittens, and the scarf. All of which were made by me! All 3 were done from patterns I found online. The hat came out bigger than anticipated because I went a size up on the needles--I'm a pretty tight knitter, though I'm learning to loosen up a little bit, and I was worried about the gauge, which I didn't bother to check. Still, it's a comfy hat and warm. The scarf is my first bit of pattern knitting, and it came out really well. IMHO, it looks better than the one shown online as an example. The mittens involved 2 sizes of needle and thumb gussets. I can't tell you the thrill of pride I felt in my thumb gussets when I realized that they actually worked. I wish I could put thumb gussets on everything. (In case you're wondering, that's Sloth and Pollocks the Small Bear on the bookshelf behind Nigel.)

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