Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have no idea what to do next

I examined the beginner-ish stash last weekend. There is a surprising amount of yarn in it given that to date I have knitted 1 weird messenger bag type thing, 3 scarves, 1 pair of mittens, 1 hat, 1 Snuggie Monster, 1 sheep, and 1 cute little bag.

Given that I should have plenty of yarn to choose from, it should be easy to determine the next project.

1) 1 ginormous fluffy ball of Lion Brand Romance, which I could make a lovely ruffled stole from
2) 2 skeins sock yarn, socks, for the knitting of, which I am scared to attempt
3) what I hope is enough yarn to make the Debbie Bliss "Edwardian Bear"
4) 1 skein Lion Brand homespun to make my mom a hat with
5) Tons more moonlight mohair with interesting contrasting DK to make another cute little bag
6) 1 skein Patons Kroy sock yarn in Summer Moss which isn't enough for socks but which I love
7) 4 skeins Blue Sky alpaca which are Sacred unto the Unknown Project
8) 2 skeins Cascade Yarns Peruvian Wool which I'm not sure I have enough of to make anything I want but which I also love
9) 1 skein Patons SWS in a pretty purplish color which I thought I was going to make arm warmers out of but now I'm not sure I have enough
10) 12 skeins Red Heart Designer Sport in Brick, which is obviously the next sweater project except that I'm now traumatized by the Snuggie Monster and have an inferiority complex given by Interweave Knits Knitter's Daily, where all they talk about is how the pattern should be adjusted here and there to fit better and I don't even know my measurements and it's all just TOO HARD but not really it's just a lot of time invested in something that may or may not look good so I'm not going to knit that sweater just yet.
11) Random half-balls and extra skeins from other projects that will molder away until I find a "stash buster" project that doesn't look like it was knit by a color-blind rhesus monkey

I also have several books of patterns, not to mention the binder I'm putting together of projects found in the library and online, and I've got nothing. No idea. I am not inspired. I'm worried that I'm going to make something I don't care about just because I need to be knitting. That's like drinking bad whisky because you're an alcoholic.

SO clearly I will have to meditate on the subject. Perhaps tomorrow I will enter a craft store and buy another skein of the Patons Kroy Summer Moss sock yarn. No one will notice if the dye lots don't match because they're on separate feet, right? Or maybe I can knit the feet of each sock from one skein and the legs from the other? Anything is possible.

Obviously what I really need to do is go cook a pork chop and watch Lost while eating it. And here's the turkey who lives in my apartment complex showing off. I love spring.

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